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With over 15 million streams worldwide, Laurentius is a name that resonates with those seeking the perfect harmony of uplifting and happy music. Laurentius is celebrated for his ability to blend exotic sounds from across the world seamlessly into pop hits, crafting fresh and unique sounds that captivate audiences around the globe. Lars' musical journey is
defined by his 'Smile More' vision. This vision is more than just music; it's a call to
action, a rallying note to build a vibrant community where positive influence is central. Through his music, Laurentius is trying to unite people, using its uplifting beats and catchy melodies as a gateway to bring individuals together, in productions as well as live-shows. Back-to-back sets with Sam Feldt, Don Diablo and Deepend, shows all over the world and ghost productions for artists like Kygo, Joel Corry and Sam Feldt consolidate his talent as an artist.

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